School Districts Use Document Scanning for Efficiency

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School Districts Use Document Scanning for Efficiency

Budget cuts across the country are forcing school districts to meet challenges with cost-saving results. That is why more school districts are making the transition to go “paperless” by investing in “document scanning”. A document scanning services company is responsible for converting all paper records into a digital image filing system. It is a worthwhile investment with a quick return that maintains school records and improves efficiency in the districts. School districts are finding themselves in a situation where their volumes of paperwork are getting much more difficult to organize and maintain. Records are cumbersome and not able to be accessed in a timely manner. Therefore, many school districts are deciding to join the “bandwagon” and begin converting their records to digital files. Some districts have already begun the process of outsourcing their documents to a reputable document scanning company to convert their paper files into electronic digital images.
School districts are responsible for keeping and managing an enormous amount of student and faculty records over a period of years which is mandated by the district. The documents they are required to store range from student records and transcripts, district test scores, SAT and ACT scores, and immunization records. When some high schools are retaining a student body that consists of 3200 students, school personnel are quick to realize that this is becoming a time-consuming burden and that is an inefficient for quickly accessing records.
Schools that have already transitioned to a digital document scanningmanagement system have reported inherent benefits that include:
·         Decreased storage costs
·         Operational efficiency
·         Easy accessibility
·         Preservation of records
·         Document security
·         Rapid investment payback
Storing paper records has many disadvantages. First and foremost, it is costly. Jan Howard, an administrative assistant with the Colorado School District went on record to say that “rooms filled with paper are a fire hazard”. Being able to retrieve digital information in seconds by searching a student’s name or school ID number makes sense and serves the school community better.
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