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12-10-2009 / By: Ayelet
Managing the Risks of Electronic Document Storage
Keeping paper documents stored safely as digital media assets is becoming the norm for most offices today. However, whether a business chooses to go about this using a consumer-oriented PC scanner and software package or outsource the job to a professional document scanning company can make a huge difference in the level of satisfaction and success. Electronic data is always vulnerable to risks associated with servers, such as viruses, natural disasters, electrical failures and corrupted files. External magnetic fields can create system crashes that may ultimately destroy digital files, rendering them unrecoverable. These were the drawbacks of digital document storage up until recently. But today’s electronic document storage companies offer more sophisticated storage methods than ever before. Not only are most documents stored on dedicated servers, in temperature-controlled, high-security facilities, the digital documents are backed up onto CDs, external hard drives or separate servers in most cases. Because the documents are web based, and not physically stored on a computer in the office, professionally scanned documents are also available from any computer, 24/7. Web-based document storage offers a highly secure way to view business documents, edit them, and return them to the original file, without leaving home. In order to successfully manage a fully digital office, redundancy must be done systematically, on a daily basis. Policies and procedures relating to the creation of data backups must be clear, and backups should be tested periodically to be sure they are recoverable when needed. Taking these steps can help a business to successfully manage any risks associated with electronic document storage, while reaping the rewards of speed, flexibility and reduced overhead.

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