Medical Records Scanning


Medical Records Document Scanning

Scantronix has been converting patient records and medical charts into digital records since 1996. We therefore have a wealth of experience with digital conversion, especially with health records, and will work hard to ensure that your office’s transition from paper copies to digital records is faultless.

Electronic Medical Records Scanning (EMR)

We have a history of converting patient and medical charts to Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Electronic Health Records (EHR).  The benefits of this process are that records can then be accessed online by doctors, hospitals, and medical offices.  Files no longer need to be physically found, photocopied, or faxed.  The process is streamlined, saving time and fostering greater efficiency.  More and more offices are pursuing digital document conversion for these reasons.

The process for scanning patient and medical charts is well-established at Scantronix.  Staff will prepare your paper copies for digitization by fixing any imperfections, such as rips or ragged edges.  This guarantees that the documents are preserved in their most pristine form.  Then the patient medical records are scanned and are converted to digital files.  Finally, the digital files are saved in our database or on the clients chosen server, for easy and safe access.

Through this conversion of medical charts and patient records, a seamless transition to EMR is ensured.  To help with the transition to a paperless office, the old paper chart is integrated with the new e-chart, and for each patient’s medical record an e-folder is now created which is organized in the same way as the traditional paper chart. This makes it easy for staff to acclimate to the electronic images, and makes the conversion hassle-free.

To further simplify this process, Scantronix has partnered with various EMR companies, who will also help clients organize their digitized health records.  Scantronix will work with any EMR company that the client chooses.

EMR Services Made Simple

We at Scantronix feel that after an EMR install the medical practice is left with two different types of medical charts and many practices are confused because they must reference two areas for the same patient on the same date of service. Scantronix devised a solution.

The scanning of the paper medical charts allows for the integration of the old paper chart with the new e-chart and makes for a seamless transition for your medical practice. It also allows the client to realize their original intention of freeing up physical space and time. We organize the paper turned e-chart so that the e-chart structure remains the same as you are familiar with. An e-folder is created for each patient and when you click on that folder all the sections that are found in the traditional paper chart are organized in the same sequence in the new e-chart.

EMR Partners

We have partnered with a few EMR companies and they have created a button that allows you, the medical provider, to view the “old paper chart” on the “new EMR chart”. We realize that our EMR partners may not be the right fit for every practice so we will work with any EMR company that you choose. We have worked with many other EMR companies in the past with excellent results.

Patient Record Scanning / Patient Chart Scanning

Scantronix can also convert any and all Personal Health Records (PHR) from paper copies to digital medical records. The PHR may include Lab Results, Prescriptions, Billing or Insurance Company correspondence and information, Imaging Results (X-Rays, CT Scans, or MRIs), and Physician notes.  Patient record scanning will organize this information in a secure database, making it easy to access and easy to comprehend.  After the patient charts have been scanned, Scantronix will either send the client a disk or upload directly to their PHR account.  Furthermore, we will work with any PHR account, including Google Health or WebMD, to help keep all of your medical charts organized.

Personal Health Records (PHR)

For clients with an online or locally maintained Personal Health Record (PHR) we can convert any and all of your paper files you may have. These may include:

  • Lab Results
  • Prescriptions
  • Billing or Insurance Company Correspondence
  • Imaging Results (X-rays, CT scans, MRI, etc)
  • Physician Notes
We can scan all your paper work and either send you a disk or upload it directly to your PHR account. No matter if you have a Google Health, WebMD account or any another PHR account — we want to help you keep all your paper medical files organized and in one place.
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Top Features
  • High grade optical scanning
  • Archival preservation
  • Microfilm & microfiche digitizing
  • Digitization and electronic document processing
  • High quality digital images from all types of materials
  • High Speed document scanning
  • Large format scanning
  • Blueprint scanning
  • X-ray scanning
  • E-file conversion

Benefits and Features:

Save Yourself From Senseless Work
Save time by easily finding documents and files in organized computer folders.
Easily Search Documents
Be able to search thousands of documents in seconds without having to rummage through file cabinets.
Access Documents Anywhere
When your files are digital, you can access any document through online networks.
Use More Of Your Office Space
File cabinets in every corner? Document scanning allows 7 you to get rid of those obstructing storage units.
Organization Is Key!
Easily label, assign, categorize documents without having to write and manually file folders.
I'm happy to say that our offices are now paper free! We have upgraded to having all of documents digitized and its definitely been saving us time and money. It was an easy transition and now we know where every document is and where we can access it at anytime.
Penina Berg , Office Manager
CU Medical Center