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Save time, save space and save money - Let Scantronix
convert your documents into digital files!

Scantronix is the most affordable and efficient solution to your document management challenges. We offer a simple and secure range of document imaging and paper scanning services that will convert all of your documents, medical records, archives and photographs into high-quality digital images.

Once we scan and digitally archive your materials, Scantronix will provide customized storage solutions for easy retrieval of these records whenever, and wherever, you need them.

Scantronix offers the easiest, safest and most affordable way to take control of your document imaging and information management challenges.

As an industry leader in document imaging, we provide a comprehensive suite of services, including:

  • High grade optical scanning
  • Archival preservation
  • Microfilming and microfiche digitizing
  • Digitization and electronic document processing
  • High quality digital images from all types of materials
  • High Speed document scanning

Scantronix provides a comprehensive, full-service approach for:

Document Scanning
Document Scanning Service: Realize immediate, tangible benefits, improved productivity, and more efficient information management by using our high speed document conversion service. We will scan your documents, images, financial and real estate records, and other vital business information and convert them into digitized images, making them easily accessible via digital storage devices.
OCR Scanning
OCR Scanning: OCR is a process where an image file, such as a PDF or tiff, is converted into a text-rich searchable document. This allows for manipulation of content, and is often used by law firms, museums, educators, and archive facilities. Scantronix can utilize OCR scanning in many languages, including HTML programming language, for easy access, editing and manipulation.
Document Storage
Document Storage: In addition to providing digital files of scanned documents, Scantronix can also convert and upload all archived files to an FTP server, or any other web-based storage site for instant online retrieval. Our partnerships with several online document hosting companies allow us to offer robust and secure document storage at highly competitive rates. Scantronix can also store your paper files within our dry storage facility, allowing for convenient access to your original documents.
Medical Records Scanning
Medical Records Scanning: Convert your patient medical records securely on a digital e-chart, which can be integrated into your client's Electronic Medical Records (EMR). The implementation of Electronic Health Records (EHR) is booming, and digital integration can offer great benefits to both medical practices and patients. Our solution allows us to merge your patient's old paper charts into new e-charts, facilitating a seamless transition and easy access.

Scantronix takes the hassle out of document management - We offer pick-up and delivery of your documents, pre and post-scanning, from the New York area, including the boroughs of Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, and the Bronx. We also serve regions of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Connecticut.

What better way to do business than to do business in New York. Sometimes doing business means having your documents available to you. New York's own Document Scanning Company, Scantronix can process your documents quickly and have them up in an instant, allowing business to resume. Why slow down business and scan elsewhere, when you can do it at Scantronix.

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I'm happy to say that our offices are now paper free! We have upgraded to having all of documents digitized
and its definitely been saving us time and money. It was an easy transition and now we know where
every document is and where we can access it at anytime.

- Penina Berg , Office Manager
CU Medical Center

Save Yourself From Senseless Work
Save time by easily finding documents and files in organized computer folders.

Easily Search Documents
Be able to search thousands of documents in seconds without having to rummage through file cabinets.

Access Documents Anywhere
When your files are digital, you can access any document through online networks.

Use More Of Your Office Space
File cabinets in every corner? Document scanning allows 7 you to get rid of those obstructing storage units.

Organization Is Key!
Easily label, assign, categorize documents without having to write and manually file folders.